Hemp Seed Oil Benefits For The Skin

Hemp seed oil is extracted directly from the hemp seed. As we’ve discussed in previous blogs here at Gentle Difference, there are many benefits of this type of oil including assisting with weight loss, helping to regulate hunger and your metabolism, reducing your risk of heart disease, and much more. If you missed out on this blog, you can read it here. Since there are so many wonderful benefits of hemp seed oil, we thought it may be helpful to break down each of them and describe them in full detail. This time, we’ll talk about the benefits of hemp oil on your skin.

As a Topical Treatment

Like many other oils, hemp seed oil can be applied directly to the skin as a topical treatment. Many people prefer to mix it with other ingredients to create a lotion

Effective Moisturizer

The lipids and fats found in hemp oil are similar to those found in the skin. When these are lost, the skin becomes dry, flaky, and may begin to crack. By applying hemp seed oil, you’ll rehydrate it helping to restore its elasticity and softness. If you’re already using a lotion to hydrate your skin, you could try adding a little bit of hemp seed oil to it or using it in place of the lotion to see if your skin sees better results.

Treating Acne and Skin Rashes

Psoriasis and other skin conditions are the result of omega-6 fatty acid deficiency, so hemp seed oil is effective at treating many different types of rashes on the skin. It can also allow oxygen to be brought into the skin more easily and hydrate it which helps prevent rashes or irritated skin or eczema, an itchy inflammation of the skin. Hemp seed oil is a natural product and has no known side effects on the skin making it a good alternative to other medical skin treatment options.

It’s Rich in Vitamins

Another reason hemp seed oil is good for the skin is that it’s rich in vitamins A and E and also contains traces of minerals like phosphorus, zinc, iron, magnesium, and potassium. These can help to improve blood flow and cardiovascular health, which both contribute to skin health and your overall health.

Hemp oil also has a lot of antioxidants which can slow cell damage. As a result, regular application of hemp oil may help to prevent aging of the skin.

Contact Gentle Difference

Gentle Difference is your top provider for hemp seed oil and other healthy supplements. These are just a few of the ways hemp oil may benefit your skin, but they certainly aren’t the only benefits. Stay tuned to our blogs where we’ll cover all of the information you need to know about this essential oil. If you’re interested in purchasing some hemp seed oil, look no further than Gentle Difference. We offer full-spectrum hemp seed oil for an affordable price. Give us a call today if you have any questions.

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